rich and famous

Art History, and whatever pops into my head...

I started my class today. I decided against math because I was fighting going and getting the registration done out of fear of math, so I took Art History instead. I've taken it before and this is a less intense class than the one I took, so it should be good for getting confidence up after 5 years away from college. After this semester I'll make myself work toward the doctorate.

The kid's being a pain about homework...she has been having trouble getting into the swing of things since Christmas, but we've been focusing on it. She got her ears pierced and her hair cut and she's looking so grown up.

I gave the mutt a bath today. He was pissed. He gets pissed the way a cat gets pissed and gives dirty looks.

My Brook is still having trouble dealing with the fire. Those poor kids. At least the baby is too young to remember it. The kid is doing okay other than a high vigilance. I'm being very vigil too. When the fire investigator came over, I think I might have overwhelmed her with questions about fire safety and possible causes, but she was good about it.

Okay, so boring post, but it's been a week and the class thing was the big thing to update...